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  1. Knowledge, Wisdom, Science

30 life essential themes

Being (H1 - Healthy State of Mind / Harmony Within)

Systems in Existence 

  1. Our Common Goals 

  2. Coexistence: Systems in Existence

  3. Nature: Matter, Plant, Animal, Human, and Natural Systems

  4. Reality, Observation, and Understanding

  5. Physical, Chemical, and Conscious functions

  6. Togetherness Mindset and Healthy State of Mind

Feeling (H2 - Healthy Relationships / Harmony with Each-other)

Undivided Society

7. Relationships, Emotions and Family

8. Society and Complementariness

9. Communication: Behaviour, Language, Art, and Media

10. Celebrations

Doing (H3 - Healthy Planet / Harmony with the Environment)

Universal Systems / A System of Global Cooperation

  1. Human History and New Era

  2. Our Necessities

  3. Human Settlements and Healthy Living Setup

  4. Education and Awareness

  5. Knowledge, Wisdom, Science

  6. Human body

  7. Food, Health and Wellness

  8. Cyclical Production and Abundance

  9. Technology, Innovations, and Societal Progress 

  10. Sustainable Energy

  1. Responsible Use of Resources

  2. Self-sufficiency, Development and Sustainability

  3. Exchange Systems and Fairness

  4. Justice and Security

  5. Culture, Civilization, Law and Governance

  6. Global Citizenship: Values, Character, and Ethics

  7. Human Rights, Responsibilities, and Duties

  8. Global Co-operation and World Family

  9. Environmental Balance and Thriving Earth

  10. Sustainable Happiness